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YELLOC Standard Service Plugs

It is very important to only use in unpressurised systems or Vacuum systems.

Use to plug hoses and rigid pipes and avoid liquids contaminating the environment.
Preserves costly oils & chemicals inside systems during maintenance and repair.
Can also be used to protect machine channels from dust & corrosion.
Prevents water, dust and pollution from harming systems & components.

Code Datasheet Description Size (mm) Pcs/Box List Price Stock
SP-10P Micro-Plugs1 - 10mm20 £40.12 (£48.14 inc VAT) 0
SP-25P Standard Plugs4 - 22mm10 £40.12 (£48.14 inc VAT) 40
SP-43P XL Plugs12 - 42mm4 £41.15 (£49.38 inc VAT) 11
SP-MIXBOX Mix Box (4-Micro, 4-Standard, 2-XL)1 - 42mm10 £38.12 (£45.74 inc VAT) 63